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Below you can find answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) about AACA and its services.  If you know of any questions or answers that you would like to see added, please contact Pilot Getaways by emailing

  • Q: Why is Pilot Getaways involved?
  • A: As of January 24, 2012, Pilot Getaways magazine acquired AACA and assumed management of the website and database. The Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF) is also involved with this acquisition. To learn more, see the press release here.
  • Q: What does this mean for AACA members?
  • A: AACA members can continue to use their login ids until the expiration of their membership. As a bonus, AACA members will receive a Pilot Getaways magazine subscription and a membership to the Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF) for the term of their AACA membership.
  • Q: So what do I need to do to get my Pilot Getaways subscription and my RAF membership?
  • A: You don't need to do anything. You will receive an email to the address registered with your AACA membership with information on your Pilot Getaways subscription and RAF membership.

  • Q: I'm a Pilot Getaways subscriber; how can I gain access to the AACA database?
  • A: Existing subscribers should go to in order to register. After registering, you will get an email with instructions on signing into the AACA database. Brand new Pilot Getaways subscribers may need to wait until the next business day until getting this email.

  • Q: I'm an RAF member; how can I gain access to the AACA database?
  • A: You should be able to use your normal RAF email address and password to sign into the AACA website. If there is a problem, please send an email to If you just registered with the RAF, it may take a few hours for the AACA site to recognize your RAF id and password.
  • Q: I'm both a Pilot Getaways subscriber and an RAF member; how can I gain access to the AACA database?
  • A: If you're both a Pilot Getaways subscriber and an RAF member, you can use your regular RAF email and password to log in. Your AACA access is as good as the later of your Pilot Getaways subscription or RAF membership.