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June 7th, 2011

We recently received the following from one of our Founding Members:

Dear Kent & Don
I have just renewed my membership as a Founding Member.

I’d like you to know how much I enjoyed using the AACA website on a recent trip from Abbotsford, British Columbia east to Georgia and North Carolina, north to Buffalo, NY, and west across the northern states. Total flying time was 52 hours in five weeks.

Thanks to your hard work and dedication to providing information to members about airports that are friendly to campers, I discovered several new destinations, and enjoyed talking with the airport managers. I made a point of telling them that I had stopped at their airport (and refueled) due to their listing with AACA.

I have been airplane camping for 35 years and you have made finding great little airports (some with hot showers!) simple.

Happy flying to you all.
Clare Brooks Higgins

We would love to hear more stories like this from you. Thank you Clare for sharing you successes with the AACA Community.

January 5th, 2011

The following post and photos were sent to us by AACA Member George Wehrung.  Enjoy!

My wife and I did our first trip to Kern Valley Airport in C210 over thanksgiving.  We called it RV camping with wings.  We cooked up a turkey in a cast iron pot and it was delicious in 30 degree weather by the fire.  The view of the stars at night were incredible.

Thank you George Wehrung for sharing your wonderful experience.