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Imagine looking out the window of a private airplane, watching the sun rising over a remote area of America. Over the nose, a grass landing strip comes into view. You enter a shallow bank to check the wind direction. A couple of moments later, as you line up for landing, you swear there is the smell of fresh coffee in the air. O.K., power back…slow now over the fence… s l o w e r. The tires gently meet friendly turf and you know you have arrived.

Turning your craft around, you pass several tents along side of the runway. A variety of people of all ages are sitting on picnic tables, tree stumps and blanketed ground, amazed by your arrival, just as they were with their own. Not far there is a clearing where a variety of old and new, large and small airplanes sit. You silence the engine and sit for a moment to listen to the gentle…peaceful…soft sounds of morning. When you open the door you are greeted by a smiling faces who ask where you are from, compliment you on your choice of airplanes and invite you to become part of a village they jokingly call Canvas Heights.

This home town in the wilderness, is one more new horizon to be recorded in the log books of a unique society of aviators called “air campers.” There are no written rules here. There are also no television sets, computers, cell phones or beepers. Everyone agrees, “ ‘probably wouldn’t do any good to bring em, ‘cause there are no towers around here either.” There is very little need for a watch. About the only things you might want to bring, other than your camp gear, would be a pocket knife, or a harmonica, maybe a Frisbee or a deck of cards and a good book. Of course, a sense of humor is required. It might also help to know an old song or two and posses the knowledge to build a fire and make a huge pot of “hobo” coffee.

By the time you are ready to break camp and depart (which happens far too soon), you will have met many new friends. There is no need to be sad. You will see them, very soon on another adventure that will be similar, but never identical, to this one.

All air campers know, that is about as certain as the sun coming up every day!

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