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The entry below was provided by one of our Founding Members, Skipper Hyle. 

My first camping experience with an airplane was under the wing of my 1942 Fairchild PT-26 at Flight Flight Airport in NC about twenty yards from where the third flight, ever, landed.  The First Flight Society used to celebrate Wilbur’s birthday with a fly in at Kitty Hawk and it was the only time of the year you could overnight an aircraft in the National Park.  I through a tarp over the wing and slept on another one.

Anyway, this past weekend, my family was invited to a Private strip in northwestern Georgia.  First Annual Fly In and Pig Pull.  So, I flew up in my Harvard (T-6) with one child and the wife drove up with the other (they swapped places coming home).  The T-6 isn’t really condusive to carrying a lot of camping gear, so the van helped.  Several 195s on the field, a 1929 Stinson, couple of homebuilts, a Cub, Swifts and a few more.

Below are the photos that accompanied Mr. Hyle’s submission.

Thanks Skipper!

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  1. Mike & Tracy Hughes says:

    Gorgeous airplane!

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    Skipper Hyle?s Air Camping Adventure « AmericanAirCamper Blog

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